Where is Big Al, aka Alan James Watson, aka De Master Yoda?

Many people have been asking what is going on with AFI. Why is the site down so often? Why is De Master Yoda not answering the many urgent emails I ave been sending? Why hasn’t he posted in such a long time.

Here is the story.

I am sad to inform you that De Master Yoda, who was also known by his IRL name Alan James Watson or Big “AL”, is no longer with us. After his arrest (which we should not dwell on), we here at AFI decided to distance ourselves from him and all he stood for. When it was discovered that he was actually taking money from people, scamming them the way he was scammed many years ago, we as a group decided to take action. We proceeded to shut down the forum and go through all the posts we have and purge all mention of DMY and his heinous actions.

The fact that the police were involved had nothing to do with it. We had been planning this for some time. The time has now come to start fresh and hopefully undo some of the harm done to people by that bald, squinty fuckhead.

Will we be able to gain the public’s trust again? I hope so. We need money to keep this operation running, and the easiest way to get it is from you, the gullible readers who willingly send it to us. HAHAHA I can’t put that in there, but it would be funny if I did. If I have to see another email asking me if this is a scam I might jump out a fucking window. How stupid can these people be? <delete that lol>

Let me know if you have any changes to this draft. It feels almost done.

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